Good Timing

Obama is going to pontificate on non-proliferation tonight after the North Koreans tested a miniaturized nuke. Because his speeches are always so effective:

It’s not a pretty picture to present to the world at the start of Obama’s second term. Vietor, asked about the apparent failure to halt either Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programs, replied: “How is that different than four years ago?” On the broader issue of nonproliferation, Vietor also noted that the U.S. and Russia had signed a New START pact in 2010. Yet Republicans in Congress have resisted further cuts in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, suggesting this effort signals U.S. weakness, especially after Obama was heard telling Russia’s then-president, Dmitry Medvedev, over an open microphone that “after my election I have more flexibility” in making concessions on America’s missile-defense program. The North Korean test is likely to only stiffen GOP resistance.

As it should.

3 thoughts on “Good Timing”

  1. Or we could use a cruise missile to take out that crazy NK runt leader. That might get the populace out in force to throw out the followers of runt boy, and take NK off the map.

  2. To Obama, merely mentioning something in a speech is the same as actually accomplishing. Mentioning how bad it is that North Korea tested another nuke is the same as having them give up nuclear weapons. “So let it be written. So let it be done.”

    If that was good enough for a Pharoh, why not Obama?

    1. And by saying he cares about someone or something means he did everything he could to save a life or solve a problem.

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