3 thoughts on “Screwing The Youth”

  1. I can’t help but wonder what medical care would cost if malpractice insurance wasn’t so much of my doctors costs. Or how much health care would cost, if I showed up with a sore throat and he wasn’t afraid to NOT do a CAT Scan looking for throat cancer, fur balls and aliens.

    I’m on a first name basis with my primary, and we talk politics often. He recently told me he’s looking for a smaller house, in an attempt to lower his ‘outgo’ based on an uncertain future income. That’s the America I grew up in!

    Where doctors were just part of the working poor.

    1. Sometimes doctors play defensive medicine for good reason. My wife and I found out last night that a good friend of our died last Friday. He went to the doctor with persistent heartburn following a bout with the flu. Conventional x-rays showed nothing so they scoped his throat and found cancer (he never smoked) of the esophagus. Two weeks later, he was dead.

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