Anywhere But California

Business is rushing for the exits:

The motivating factor in these cases isn’t so much that cities like Fort Worth and Phoenix have suddenly found the perfect formula for luring away coastal business elites. Rather, it’s that California’s business climate is so toxic that regions hitherto considered commercial backwaters now seem perfectly acceptable, if not preferable. (As far as we know there’s no rush for Vermont CEOs to relocate to Arizona, after all.)

As he notes, Prop 30 may have been the last straw.

5 thoughts on “Anywhere But California”

  1. Mr. Simberg:

    Should you and your family ever decide to flee the California People’s Republic / República Occidental del Aztlan for Texas, please drop me a private e-mail. I am a native Texan and would be proud to offer you and yours whatever help I might.

  2. Yet Rand went back to live and work in California after spending a lot of time in Florida. As do the CEOs and top level corporate structures of many of these companies. The fact is these companies will do the same things they have been doing since like forever. Represented in the District of Delaware for court cases, avoid paying corporate taxes by having an office in Nevada. Stash the cash in an account registered to a postage box in the Caymans, etc.

    The CEOs want cheap skilled labor, power, transportation, and no taxes. In luxurious and tranquil surroundings. However transportation and energy infrastructure, not to mention education, must be funded somehow. Poorly paid people often resort to thievery and in some countries even targeted kidnapping.

  3. The CEOs want cheap skilled labor, power, transportation, and no taxes.

    Why pick on CEOs? The whole point of objectivism is that ALL PEOPLE naturally look to their own advantage. Your argument boils down to “People that aren’t me should do the unnatural because I say so.”

    infrastructure must be funded

    Guess who does that? Yeah, the people the president said “didn’t build that” otherwise known as taxpayers.


    Where people take responsibility, they educate themselves. The education bubble is not the fault of those people. It is the fault of people that think others should pay for it. Do you not understand what happens to costs when ‘other’ people pay for it?

    The real problem is the disconnect between responsibility and the ignorant call for others to be responsible. You know, the difference between adults and children.

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