The State Of Our Union

…as seen though a fractured bizarro lens:

Obama called for the federal government to “redesign high schools.” Does he not know that schools are creatures of local and state, not the federal, governments? Does he care? Does he see no limits at all on the things that should occupy a president’s time?

And again, on what basis does the president who cannot even submit a budget make the claim that he is qualified to redesign high schools?

It’s all absurd. Barack Obama is the absurd president. He makes no attempt to make any sense, yet the media will pretend that he is a visionary.

The reality is, Barack Obama is just a very powerful crank.

Far too powerful. Far more powerful than the Founders ever intended.

[Update a while later]

Turning MLK on his head:

Ordinarily a politician whose rhetoric diverges so far from the reality of his record would be run out of town, but with this president it is different. After four years of mediocre leadership, the majority of Americans continue to judge Barack Obama not on what he has done but on who he is. In an ironic reversal of the criteria of judgment set forth by Martin Luther King, they judge him not on the content of his character (or more precisely his actions and achievements) but on the color of his skin. The president is therefore exempt from the penalties other democratically elected leaders pay when they offend too egregiously against the truth; unlike them, he can stray into the realm of fantasy with impunity.

Not just with impunity, but he’s actually applauded for it.

5 thoughts on “The State Of Our Union”

  1. Should use the same architect firms that gets the Federal penitentiary design contracts. Commonality of as many components as possible so that he can claim being fiscally frugal while maximizing child safety.

    1. I call for a chicken in every pot and high speed electric rail for all school children (which means putting them in camps so there’s just one rail station for home and one for school.)

  2. Well, he is a constitutional law professor so we should assume he isn’t speaking out of ignorance but is actually advocating seizing more power for the federal government. If the President does it, it’s not illegal.

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