3 thoughts on “Spending Cuts”

  1. Bush hit on this in his 2000 campaign. I was disappointed he gave up that like of attack quickly rather than hammer it home through out his tenure.

    1. He was probably remembering what happened to his father over the school lunch program. The amount funded went up substancially but not as much as was expected, so it was a cut. Once Bush 43 got in office, it’s likely the Republicans who controlled Congress straightened him out on how DC works. They liked playing the same word games as the Democrats.

      One of the most radical things anyone could propose is to make all of the federal government comply with the same rules and regulations that apply to everyone else, especially the accounting rules. Any insurance company that funded retirement plans the same way as Social Security is operated would be shut down as an illegal Ponzi scheme and the officers would end up in jail where they belong (see Madoff, Bernie). Likewise, any corporation that ran its accounting the same way the federal government does would see its officers frog marched into courtrooms.

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