Strange Spam Du Jour

I just go this from the UK, subject, “Contract Dispute”:


We seek an attorney who handles breach of contract matters.Let us know if
your firm takes such cases.

Thank you
Edward Scholes.

No attachment, no web site to click through, nothing, but it has a return address and a reply-to of someone with that name. What is the purpose of this?

I guess one (bizarre) possibility is that it’s exactly what it would appear to be — someone looking for an attorney, and spamming the Internet to find one. It’s not like it costs anything. But you might get a lot more responses, many of them scams themselves, than you know what to do with.

2 thoughts on “Strange Spam Du Jour”

  1. What does the -raw- email look like?

    That is: What is your email program parsing out of it (HTML, etc.) before it makes it to your screen? Sometimes there’s a non-clickable link to load a transparent (or white) image from somewhere, and that gives the sender the information “Hey, this -is- a valid email, and I -did- get through the spam filters!”

    1. That is the full email. It really is all that’s there. However the address it was sent to is one that I created to see if a web site was selling my email, not my regular address.

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