13 thoughts on ““Quote” Of The Day”

  1. Wow, Mother Jones is still full of stuck up eco-fascists. They keep telling themselves that it’s getting warmer, I think it’s all their hot air.

    No sense of the absurd over there, is there?

  2. Kevin Drum, the same idiot who used to squak about ‘Peak Oil’ now wants to lecture us on Gorebull Warming.

    Hows that Peak Oil working out for ya Kevin?

        1. Yes, that is the actual quote. What Kevin wrote is not a paraphrase. It is hyperbolic. Do you see that little word “some”? And even if it were a paraphrase, it should say “paraphrase of the day,” not “quote of the day.” It is simply false and misleading.

          1. Actually I see the word “some” at both locations.

            I agree the headline is misleading. I’d thought you were confusing the headline for the quote.

          2. I wasn’t “confusing” the headline for the quote. It would be a reasonable assumption that when one uses the phrase “quote of the day,” what follow the colon is the quote of the day, even if he didn’t use quote marks. In any event it is a gross mischaracterization of what Stuttaford wrote.

  3. I tried going to the link to read. I immediately got a pop-up asking me to buy their magazine. I closed that popup and it then changed me another story about some execution. I quickly closed my browser.

    I assume the issue is some complaint that we shouldn’t spend money on actual disasters that have occurred, but rather regulated against perceived disasters that may happen in the far future.

  4. Of course, if we’re all living up in space then it doesn’t matter if the Earth fries… which it will in about 500 million years anyhow as the sun gets hotter, or in 4 billion years when the sun runs out of Hydrogen.

  5. Ah, Mother Jones. Good times.

    At least Drum has found his level, safe where he’ll never have to deal with a competing viewpoint, nor will his readers.

    1. From comments at the linked article:

      …how ’bout you implement a “proactive solution” now and go fuck yourself?

      Water seeks its own level, as does sewage.

  6. I’m not a Mother Jones reader. Just the cover is off putting enough that I never cracked the thing. And now that I’ve read the comments, all I can ask, is, WTH is WRONG with those people?!

    I’ve never seen a more hate filled, insane, self-serving bunch of crap in my life.

    Oh, I’ve seen other Lefty comments that were off the hook crazy. But those ramped down into insanity. The clowns over there started out snarky and devolved into filth and hate.

    I’m so glad they’re the smart, thinking, evolved people amongst us, who will lead us into the promised lands of plenty, strictly by example and strength of character.

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