6 thoughts on “Universal Pre-School”

  1. The difference with Bush’s stupid idea, hydrogen energy, is that it was quickly forgotten and did no harm. While Obama may get his and be just more disaster piled on his other disasters.

    It is amazing how resilient our country is, but at some point the last straw will come.

  2. “Universal background checks for preschoolers earning $9/hour making clean energy!”

    Obama is the dog that caught the car and has no idea what to do with it.

    This is hilarious.

  3. This is just another sop to the teachers’ unions. The birthrate is declining and with that you have schools being closed. Universal pre-K will bring in millions of additional indoctrination candidates (AKA students) who will naturally be taught by state certified union members, whose dues will be used to fund the Democrats.

  4. It’s not just stupid; it’s sinister. It sounds like they’re just starting the indoctrination process earlier and further lessening the influence of parents.

  5. I never went to preschool. IMHO kids are much better off with their parents and the neighborhood kids. It is a much more balanced environment where you have multiple influences so you get a different mindset than someone in one of those prison environments.


    I agree with Paul Graham. Parents put kids in school not to educate them but so they do not have to handle them during the day while they are working. Ever since our Western societies switched to models where both parents work things like pre-school became necessary as a way to toss the kids somewhere they won’t bother the parents.

    I did fair worse than the kids who went to pre-school in elementary school… for like 3 months. Of all the kids who went to elementary school with me only 2 others reached higher education and graduated. I graduated in CS, my best friend ended up in the Military and graduated in the Military Academy, and the other was the teacher’s daughter who graduated from Medical School.

    Mind you some of my other friends faired reasonably well taking over the family business or going into the construction business during a boom phase and things like that but the majority did not fair very well.

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