7 thoughts on “David Frum’s Knowledge Of Guns”

  1. When gun-control nuts start talking about “the importance of gun safety,” they miss one significant point.

    “Important” is not synonymous with “complicated” or “difficult.”

    In True Grit, Kim Darby asks John Wayne why he keeps his hammer on an empty chamber, and he says, “So I don’t shoot my foot off.”

    Load one chamber, skip one, load four more, and you’ll automatically stop with the hammer on an empty chamber, just like the Duke. Then check it, anyway.

    Really, that’s not rocket science. The procedure doesn’t even assume that you can count correctly.

    If someone can’t do that much, adding a fancy indicator light isn’t going to help him.

    1. “When gun-control nuts start talking about “the importance of gun safety…” ”

      …they really mean “Gun Confiscation”, and nobody should be under any illusion otherwise.

  2. I was always told that even if you know a gun is not loaded, it’s STILL loaded. And handle it like a live cobra.

  3. It sounds a lot like the end around that the military uses to get to seize things their members may have. You simply have everyone in formation then you call for a “Health and Welfare Inspection”. Where you basically march each person back inside and search everything in his space for contraband. Once we understand that it’s all about keeping us safe and healthy why there is nothing wrong with letting the sheriff come by to inspect our guns.
    But then the military has always been a dictatorship created to defend democracy. I understand why they need this type of system, however when you join you understand the rules. These people are trying to slip it into me without even I kiss. It’s just rude.

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