Government Corruption

A sincere discussion between experts on the topic:

“President Karzai said that Afghanistan needs earnest and sincere cooperation of the international community, particularly of the United States in its fight against corruption,” says the press release. “The President called awarding of contracts to relatives and affiliates of Afghan senior officials, a major source of corruption, underscoring that the United States should avoid it.”

Senator Menendez is currently under investigation by the FBI for allegations that he attempted to secure favors for his friend and campaign contributor Salmon Melgen. Menendez recently reimbursed Melgen for $60,000 worth of flights to the Dominican Republic, where Menendez allegedly solicited prostitutes. Menendez is also accused of lobbying for a port-security contract in the Dominican Republic in which Melgen had a financial interest. Menendez has denied wrongdoing, calling the allegations against him “smears.”

Yes. Right.


3 thoughts on “Government Corruption”

  1. They’re such amateurs! You shouldn’t give political favors to relatives, you give political favors to people that give you money. It’s good that Menendez set him straight on this. The prostitutes are just a standard perk after the money starts flowing in.

  2. Oh come now you social cons; obviously Menendez is concerned about the corruption of businesses. Why are you confusing this with the corruption of young women. Menendez was just doing his part in trading with the Dominican Republic, and he paid his tab.

  3. Corruption, everywhere has always been. But for the first time in the history of the world, America has such out in the open corruption, that nowhere else does it come close.

    If you saw a politician kill another person right in front of you and you remarked, “what did you just kill them for?” They would reply, “I didn’t kill anyone.”

    “Yes, I just saw you.” “No you didn’t.” “You know I just saw you.”

    “You weren’t here.” “I was.” “No and I wasn’t here either. I’m not here now.”

    For Monty Python to do it, is funny. Not so funny in real life.

    Follow the money has never been better advise. The other is, when they repeat their performance many times you don’t continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. You need a new term for that, the benefit of the idiots that help it to continue. Yes, I’m talking to you, Bill O’Reilly, and those like you.

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