2 thoughts on “The Full Alinsky”

  1. 75 percent of the American people agree with me that the way to reduce the deficit sensibly is through a combination of spending cuts and tax revenue, and if we spread that out over several years, it wouldn’t have a bad impact on our economy

    Tax Revenue is up, and that’s before the increased taxes agreed to earlier this year. So where’s the spending cuts? Sequester is spread out over years, as the President designed it when he suggested it. The spending rate cuts are less than the revenue increases. If that’s not the desired combination, it’s because the spending cuts are just a cut in rate increase rather than an actual cut in spending.

  2. Repeat the big lie continuously and everyone soon knows it must be the truth.

    The amazing this is it so easy to refute but who is?

    Notice that Obama will even steal from Sarah Palin if it suits his rhetoric. “All of the above.” But his actions do not follow his words in that case.

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