Sequestration Will Cause Flight Delays?

Debunking one of the many administration liesscare stories:

…instead of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, LaHood could use the current budget cuts as an opportunity to do what Canada did 17 years ago when it also faced a severe budget crunch: fundamentally reform the air traffic control system.

But that wouldn’t satisfy the administration’s political agenda.

4 thoughts on “Sequestration Will Cause Flight Delays?”

  1. This is all quibbling over irrelevancies.

    Without any actual specific cuts, or any need for exerting discretion on spending, Obama can and will make this a fiasco and pin the blame on the R’s.

    Because a tiny bit of barely sub rosa “Hey, do a slowdown.” will work. And the press will gleefully report every single item as “Because of the Republican’s sequester.”

    Even when it’s moronic crap like garbage pickup that receives zero federal funding.

  2. Along with Al. The Sequester can be avoided by making targetted cuts in spending. Such cuts have been proposed by the Republicans in numerous spending bills. The President refuses to make any cuts.

    The only way to fight the political results of this is not to allow the President and the media to define the discussion rules.

  3. As of Jan 1 of this year, most of us found we’re paying higher taxes. Both the SS and Medicare payroll taxes have returned to their previous levels and so have the income tax rates. The government is telling us that we have to live with an income a few percent smaller than before. Now, Obama and the Democrats are saying that making the government operate at a few percent lower spending level (that’s still higher than last year’s level) will cause all sorts of catastrophe. Sorry, but if we have to live with a lower income, so should the government.

    With a $3.5 trillion programmed spending level, this year’s reductions are practically in the noise level. Obama is working to make the cuts in the most painful manner possible by sparing the fat while cutting meat and bone. It’s purely an exercise in cynicism and political opportunism. And of course, the Press will lap it up. Before all is said and done, Obama will have received the longest media blowjob in US history.

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