7 thoughts on “The Onion And The C Word”

  1. Yes, I have a problem with the Onion (or really any other ‘comedic’ outfit) calling a 9 year old girl a C-You-In-Toledo. I don’t care if it’s old fashioned, but I believe that you pick on someone who can defend themselves if you want to pick on someone at all. Going after a 9 year old is chicken-spit.

    Also, the tweet (and pretty much the entire ‘Onion’) isn’t funny, so there’s that.

    1. I have not seen her movie and know nothing about her personally. When I see her picture, I see a cute little girl who is a year older than my granddaughter. If I heard someone call my granddaughter that word, I’d be strongly inclinded to punch them hard and repeatedly in the face. Call be old fashioned or protective, but that’s the way I am. The Onion is often funny but not this time. You shouldn’t go around calling innocent children dirty names.

  2. Using the C-word for an adult male (as in he’s an utter c***) sounds less offensive to me. That’s typically British (or maybe Commonwealth) English, isn’t it?

  3. In the Prog book of definitions, “edgy” == potty mouth, vulgar, or offensive as possible to fly-over Americans.

    Anyone who complains is by (their) definition an ignorant, reactionary member of the Christian Taliban. Even if you’re an libertarian agnostic like me.

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