4 thoughts on “The President’s Negotiating Skills”

  1. Say it with me. There is no Grand Bargain. Much as I hate the phrase, we really should “kick that can down the road.” Any plan for Comprehensive Anything Reform — budget, immigration, whatever — should really wait out the next 4 years, rather than getting a bad deal.

    1. Yes, anything with a dollar sign is in cryogenic suspension for four eight years. The only thing moving is the electric bill to keep everything frozen.

  2. “Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he can envision such a scenario if Democrats put specific entitlement cuts on the table.”

    Hmmm, is this the same ‘had line Conservative (R)’ who thinks Rand Paul’s ideas are, and I quote, “kooky”? Graham, like McConnell, has become a joke! That’s probably why they used him as an example.


  3. Well, think about the President’s experience in negotiating. He never participated in the business world were negotiations are about being mutually benefical. Obama’s only experience is negotiating is about getting something from the “other” where the benefits are all one sided.

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