5 thoughts on ““Let’s Get Yellow Stars For The Jews, Too””

  1. Not just “only people with power can be racist” but “racism against people with power is okay”. It’s one of the same rationalizations that’s been used to demonize middleman minorities throughout history, with the same old “they’re parasites on our wealth” typically thrown in for good measure.

  2. It would take all of 10 seconds for the first joker to write the “fourteen words” on his wristband and hilarity* to ensue.

    Do these anointed scholars of the Department of Public Instruction have any experience with real-live, physical children?

    [*”lulz” and fatal stabbings]

  3. Actually white Americans do have one HUGE privilege.

    Whites are less than 1/8th as likely to be killed by their white brothers than black Americans are to be murdered by their black brothers.

    That’s the tragic armband, ALL Americans should be asking about, but to point out the reality and question why much less what to do to decrease violence in the black community is “racist”. What a pity.

    1. As long as the liberal solution is not to have whites killing whites to make everything equal? It is encouraging that there are voices in the black community trying to address the issue. But again, to the extent they do, some liberal will accuse them of not really being black. What is with that?

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