8 thoughts on “Section 5 Is A Racial Entitlement”

  1. ” “an identifiable and specially disadvantaged group.” ”

    WHERE do I sign up! I am currently part of, “an identifiable and specially disadvantaged group.”, and I want MINE, regardless of what the Government is giving to those people, my people, I just want mine!

  2. I claim being pressured into piece-part stoop labor at the age of 9. Somebody owes me something! Imagine the evil machinations of those privileged overlords, taking advantage of poor local children picking local produce in the fields of local farmers. The very idea is an abomination.

  3. As a minority (black dude), I don’t need a special law to protect my right to vote. I’m a US citizen, pay my taxes, law abiding. If I’m denied my right to vote, I will document, go to the media, and raise all kinds of ruckus WITHOUT the need of “special protections”. The Voting Section are trying to create power blocs to discriminate plain and simple. Basically doing what they say they are against. End of story…

    1. But T-Steel, you know you are an exception to that thinking. Otherwise 90% of African-Americans wouldn’t vote for the Democrats who daily spoon feed them that parc.

      I used to have a black business partner, who was quite Conservative. He was college educated, his dad was a Engineer with a PE Stamp, his mother had two Masters, one in Education, one in Business Management. Both his grandfathers had been share croppers, raised during the Depression as the sons of sharecroppers, in Texas. His parents both grew up on those farms. Both families pushed EDUCATION as the ticket out of being poor and owning their own land or for getting beyond the land if their children wanted it.

      I’ve talked to his parents and we talked about this, so I got from them the same kind of importance for education and self drive that my WHITE parents dealt out. My partner used to get in arguments with his peers over saying that he intended to go to college, to get a good job with a big paycheck. His friends would tell him the white man would never ‘let’ him go to college. This was among kids born in the early to mid 1970’s, who would be HS graduates in the late 1980’s!

      I saw some of that attitude first hand. We worked around other black men his age who absolutely treated hm as a traitor to the ’cause’, whatever the hell that meant.

      Many of those guys had the some kind of family backgrounds as my partner, and by their own admittance. But somehow they were missing the obvious, that it was the hard work of their GGrandparents, Grandparents, Parents and THEMSELVES that got them into and through COLLEGE. They refused to look at their own life facts, that those 4 or 5 guys ALL came from middle-class or upper middle-class families with BOTH parents in the home, ALL of their fathers had degrees and many of their mothers did also. But they all sang from the playbook of the put upon, downtrodden, minorities.

      So if people aren’t convinced by their own experiences that something IS a possibility, how do you convince others of their ‘group’ ?!

      But I can tell you one other thing I learned from working with all of them, talking with others and from talking to my partner’s parents. All of them told me that I was one of a few WHITE guys to ever start these conversations or to get involved when the BLACK people were talking politics, religion, family, schooling, etc. [I’ll openly admit to being a notoriously opinionated PITA among friends and acquaintances!] I can tell you I don’t think I ever changed any minds, but I didn’t shuffle my feet and wander off anytime someone darker than me questioned my beliefs or had such conversations.

      And that’s what most white people do in my experience. They refuse to speak up out of fear. Many white people also believe that we need these special and protected categories to right old wrongs.

      Just this week there were articles in the news about Americorps asking their white workers to wear White Armbands to remind themselves of their ‘white privilege’ and I’m sure some will do it.

      I’m just never sure HOW that kind of stuff ‘makes up for’ or ‘redresses’ the wrongs done 50 or 150 or 350 years ago by people who did those things before I was born.

      1. Oh I know I’m in the minority Der Schtumpy with my fellow Black Folks. I’m the son of two former Black Panthers. And even THEY believe that these Voting Laws to protect black folks are stupid (they still have their Panther beliefs after all this time). In fact, their Panther beliefs is why they are against any special laws. As my father said not to long ago:

        “Stop me from my qualified right to vote and watch me bring my legally registered firearm to the table.”

        Ol’ Dad hardcore to the end. LOL! I’m tired of all the so-called protections. We Black Folks have the right to vote. Plain and simple. We can’t be stopped. If a state requires picture ID, bring your picture ID. And if they stop you from voting, take it to the streets and to the media. Americans are stopping other Americans from voting. That’s all that needs to be said and watch things change.

        To heck with that Voting Crew in the Civil Rights division. MLK’s dream has been realized. Now it’s time to keep moving forward. Not back.

        1. Imagine that, people who wanted to stand on their own two feet and not put up with crap from ANYONE, who understood the law that applied to EVERYONE and they knew how to use it for THEMSELVES. That’s the way the BPP was when my cousins lived in the PJ’s in Harlem in the 1960’s and into the 1970’s when we used to go up there. I remember their signs in their store front.

          The Panthers ran a pre-school, and soup kitchen and [gasp] they had a program after school to help kids with studying and doing homework. And it was NOT just for the black kids. They worked for that entire neighborhood to make it better. A radical group, worked to prove that they deserved what they were demanding and busted their @$$es at making a difference where they lived.

          What a concept.

          I am an old hippie, so I don’t care what your beliefs are, stand up for them, argue them, try to explain why I’m wrong. But please don’t tell me, “…but I get to have ‘X’, ‘Y’, and ‘Z’ because U.S. Code 123.9.6 Section F1.431 says so!”

          I didn’t buy that nonsense either, when my younger brothers used to say, “…but MOM said so!!” Lame then, Lame now.

  4. Any group singled out for favor in statutory law, or in the application of law by the government, is by definition NOT “disadvantaged.”

  5. I don’t get the attitudes. They have to change. I’ve benefited several times in my life when I’ve gone to churches where I was the only white guy there.

    One thing I found amusing. Black woman often have quite complicated hair dos including braids and beads and often some would come up and ask me (yeah, because I was the token white guy) if it was appropriate considering the bible says you shouldn’t make such a fuss.

    So far none has built some structure that seems overboard, so I always try to assure them they look fine. I actually kind of look forward to seeing something so impressive I have to say it’s too much. I think it would have to includes birds and curtains.

    In Brooklyn, coming out of the subway into a black neighborhood it was amazing how wide their eyes would get at seeing this white boy. I always felt a bit safer when I got to the church.

    As Rodney King said (before he repeatedly did it again) can’t we all just get along?

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