8 thoughts on ““Greedy Lying Bastards””

  1. Bombs at the box office.

    Not to worry. It will be mandatory viewing at high schools across the country for a generation.

    1. Really! So true. I know that my son complained about being forced to watch Gore’s film at least once a year until he graduated High School!

      1. Yeah, my kids too. Haven’t heard it yet this year, but they have seen it at least a few times the last few years. They seem to watch a lot of movies in school. More than I remember seeing. We did have one teacher who ran the reels backwards for us if the movies were too boring.

    2. That’s not funny. Isn’t that a form of terrorism on our kids. Shouldn’t homeland security be informed? …Oh, it’s not our homeland they secure?

  2. Wow, Senna, a documentary about a F1 Driver opened in only 2 theaters and did 50% better just 2 years ago.

    Alas, they’ll make up their cost in NetFlix viewing if they don’t go bankrupt from cash flow problems.

  3. Most people haven’t been paying close enough attention to notice the creation of a new religion in the west, and one that is on the verge of becoming a state religion in the US. What do you call it when a moral system becomes institutionalized? When it becomes mandatory and enforced by the government? Does it matter whether such a system involves belief in supernatural forces to have the form, appearance, and all of the problems of an institutional religion?

    In broad terms the “green movement” is very much one of morality, and of the need to punish people for their bad behavior. But look further at other instances of the same problem. Being overweight and eating too much is also “sinful”, so you have folks like Bloomberg and Michelle Obama and many others salivating at the notion of being able to legislate what people can and cannot eat.

    It’s about control from an authority, morality, and sin, just as all religions are.

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