Auto Insurance Spam

Every day my inbox (or rather, my spam box) is flooded with spam telling me about how “auto rates” are going down (presumably it means insurance, though the word is often not mentioned). Usually, the subject is something like “The president has passed a new law reducing your rates,” or “Washington has passed a new law…”

Well, today, I got my first Pope auto-rate spam:

Subject: New Pope Equals Lower Auto Rates? Yes – See Why.

– – – – New Pope Announcement Has Major Impact On Your Auto Rates – – – –

The new pontiff – Francis The 1st is already having a dramatic impact on auto rates. Did you know the month a new pope is elected is always the safest month to drive of the year? This is why major auto insurers have come together to lower auto rates to $3.75/month for drivers who sign up during the month of March who reside in low-risk driving zip codes

See if your area qualifies for the new rates by visiting the link below and entering your zip code. Should you qualify, expect your rates to drop and budget accordingly.

Needless to say, I didn’t click on the link below, but you have to give them marks for creativity in coming up with idiot bait.

6 thoughts on “Auto Insurance Spam”

  1. I fully expect that same papal edict idea to start appearing in the obnoxious “5 secret tricks to white teeth that your dentist doesn’t want you to know” ads on websites before the end of the day today.

    Definitely points for creativity!

  2. A new Pope always makes my whites whiter and adds a touch of fresh mountain scent to my shirts and blankets. THANKS POPE!

  3. But it’s the Pope Rand!!! With kind of endorsement it would be sacrilegious not to click that spam!!!

    !!! You can never have enough bangs !!!

    You aren’t… [dunt, dunt, daahhh] sacrilegious!!! [<^<] are ya?

  4. What’s scary is that there are enough idiots that think the Pope has an effect on insurance rates to make the ad campaign worth the effort.

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