Tell Us What You Really Think About The Donald

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Anyway, I spent a week getting crap from all of these allegedly purer-than-moi conservatives about how we could not possibly risk letting Chris Christie or GOProud sully the peripatetic temple of conservatism known as CPAC. And then they invited Donald Trump to be one of the keynoters, with more time than nearly any other speaker. And that did it for me. CPAC is free to invite whoever it wants, of course. But spare me the CPAC-is-for-true-conservatives bunk. I consider Trump a ticky-tacky ass-clown of metaphysical proportions. He’s a huckster and a buffoon who thinks he’s a genius because the rubes fall for his act and his reality show gets good ratings with C-list has-beens who wouldn’t make the cut for a remake of The Love Boat. His conservatism conservatism — to the extent it exists at all — is all by the seat of his pants, which makes sense given that is the article of clothing nearest his brain.

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5 thoughts on “Tell Us What You Really Think About The Donald”

  1. I’m with Goldberg. They are the PROBLEM of Conservatives, not the answer by any means.

  2. They’re remaking the Love Boat? Hooray!

    No? Oh. Well, with regard to Donald Trump, then, I would excuse him anything if he would only promise to stop smiling. Man creeps me out when he does that.

  3. CPAC is a joke. The Trump thing shows that. But translating the CPAC Straw Poll ‘win’ by anyone like Rand Paul, into something the RNC can see as a direction to head in, just isn’t going to happen IMO.

    He’s too ‘kooky’ for them.

    There’s gotta be a good way to kill the GOP, and soon.

    Yes, I AM quite stuck on this point! And they’re stuck pushing guys like McCain who isn’t QUITE sure how Conservative he needs to be to win.

    Or Romney who wasn’t QUITE sure he WANTED to win.

  4. Silly Rand.

    CPAC is not about conservative issues. CPAC is about bashing President Obama.

    How could Gov. Christie bash him after putting his arm around him and praising him for the good job he did with Hurricane Sandy? Is it any wonder even Gov. Christie’s number one groupie has thrown him under the bus?

    By contrast, by keeping alive the conspiracy theories about President Obama’s Birth Certificate and transcripts Donald Trump is a hero to all those who bash President Obama.

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