8 thoughts on “Order Now”

  1. I haven’t yet received an email from you or kickstarter asking for my mailing address yet; looking forward to getting my copy.

      1. If it’s not a closely held secret or anything I am curious as to how large your print run will be. Or is it print on demand?

        1. I haven’t made a final decision, but POD is the safest. I don’t have a sense that it’s going to be a best seller. But I’m thinking about running a Kickstarter to print up a thousand or so for free distribution in DC, in which case I’ll do an offset run. I have to print at least a couple hundred just to satisfy my previous Kickstarter commitments.

  2. Congratulations, Rand!

    I hope you’re wrong on your sales estimates. Not merely for your own sake, but because what you’re saying is something that needs spreading far and wide.

    So, congratulations, and also a Thank You from this supporter of the opening of space.

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