17 thoughts on “The Aurora Shooter”

  1. “… I don’t really know what kind of conclusions to draw …”

    I think we can reasonably conjecture that we now know which prison gang successfully recruited him into its ranks.

    1. According to the article, the majority of the Islamic population at the prison has shunned Mr. Holmes, saying that his actions in the name of Islam are not their brand of Islam.

      1. To which I respond: taqiyya (in whichever alternate spelling you prefer). And, did you really expect anything else would be said? Also, from direct (if distant) observations, his sphincter isn’t all that sacrosanct either.

        Further thoughts here.

    1. Actually it does. Groups get to decide who there members are, not the other way around. There are various names for it, but it’s commonly known as excommunication.

      Some groups take excommunication seriously while others don’t. Islam takes it seriously enough to kill which is pretty serious. Most others just do some form of shunning, if that.

  2. Not that this says anything about Islam, but I’ve wondered the style of bombs he used to boobytrap his apartment. Then again, with the latest news from the Connecticutt shooter; I wonder if he had some sort of mass murder scoring system as well. But back to the bombs, without knowing what he used, the Democrats won’t know what to ban. Fertilizer? Diesel? Black Powder? Chewing Tobacco cans? Hardware nails? I’m sure Cuomo needs to know, so he can find other ways to ruin his favorability numbers.

  3. I.suppose that if he had .joined the Aryan Nation, we’d have people in this forum claiming that it didn’t reflect badly on. Nazism.

  4. So what were his religious affiliations when he actually committed those murders? Christianity I expect.

    1. I would have no such expectations. He was apparently raised as a Lutheran, but didn’t appear to take it very seriously. He strikes me as someone who (at least at the time of the shooting) lacked any sort of faith in anything other than himself.

      Anyway, I’m unaware of any incidents of mass killings of random people done while shouting “Praise Jesus!” There’s no reason to believe there was any religious motivation to this. He was clearly mentally ill.

  5. …so, he’s now one of the Faithful of Allah, does that mean he’ll be a martyr and get 72 Virgins, when they juice him, based on having killed the infidels, when he WAS still an infidel.

    I leave OFF any question mark, because I’m not sure there’s even a question in there. I’m just pixelating out loud.

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