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    1. Yeah, I just thought of him because I wanted to credit him in the book with the idea of a national cemetery of spaceflight, but didn’t know how to describe him. I tried his old address at interaccess.com, and it bounced, so I’m a little concerned that we’ve lost him. A search didn’t turn up much. I did email him at his Rochester address, which hasn’t bounced, but he hasn’t replied, either.

  1. The guy listed at the top of my second post link has Pittsford NY in it. That is apparently a suburb of Rochester.

    1. I burned about an hour on it last night, having just found out that one of my closest chat buddies (age 34 or so) died last week in Australia of unknown causes, which rattled me. Other chat buddies had to track me down to tell me, and they found out because one of his real-life friends posted a notice on his FB account, so a missing commenter was hitting too close to home.

      Anyway, if your Pittsford find is him (age 53) and the suggested Holly Dietz linkage is accurate, then there’s a Holly Dietz on Twitter who’s been married 31 years with two kids that might be his wife – or might not. I signed up for Twitter just to pursue that. O_o

      1. Best I can find is a Paul Deitz, who responded to various space related questions via email addresses from interaccess.com and Rochester.edu. I think that brings me to a guy in Linkedin, that worked as an associate professor at the University of Rochester, then Motorola, and last Uniquesoft (starting 2008), which is a company in Chicago. I’m fairly sure this is the same person. The most recent comment I could find was from 2009 at airspacemag.com to a Paul Spudis blog article.

        Understand Rand that you can do searches, but I don’t personally know him, and apparently know one that does is speaking up.

  2. Ah yes, I remember him from my usenet days. Always seemed to have his head screwed on straight and command an impressive body of knowledge. I hope he’s doing well these days.

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