6 thoughts on “Locavorism”

  1. If the government wants to be involved, it should set a goal that 100% of all food served aboard ISS be locally produced.


  2. The one area where this would be useful is invasive species. Invasivore.

    The Asian Jumping Carp, for instance.

  3. I think this also is an indication of who is in control. If government were really being controlled by business rather than the other way around, then there’d be a movement to institute standards and regulations that only certain big businesses could meet. But a mandate of local food consumption creates a market of corruption open to all. The large boar has to pay for access just like the wee piggie.

  4. This statement is so damned foolish that it’s OFF the laughability scale.
    “We need to pay for the food and pay the people who produce it. That’s profound and terribly important. We still think we can get it for free…”
    “Free” food? Wen the hell has food EVER been free in America? And for some foodie like Alice frackin’ Waters to say we should be willing to pay the people who produce it, again, off the scale to me.

    I’ve never eaten in her restaurant. But I’m a food person, anyone walking behind me could see it! Or in front, either side, looking down from great height…but I digress. ANYONE who eats at Waters restaurant is certainly paying for THEIR food. It’s quite easy to drop a couple hundred dollars their for dinner. But beyond that, just who the hell is it that gets food for ‘free’? My food costs have gone WAY up in the last few years, and given the lack of water in CA this year, veggies are about to go through the roof before the end of the year.

    The only thing I can figure is that Alice Waters thinks that because a head of non-organic Iceberg Lettuce is ‘just’ $1.79 and her orgasmic, hand washed, red leaf lettuce is $6 a bunch, MINE is in effect and comparatively FREE.

    Yet another elitist idiot who needs to be handed $100 and the key to a efficiency apartment and be told to live it for a week.

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