4 thoughts on “Ariel Castro’s Crimes”

    1. Furthermore, what the 13th Amendment really does is prohibit Congress and the states from enacting or enforcing laws that allow slavery.

  1. I don’t get the point of the article. He’s got a bunch of cases of rape, assault, and kidnapping, the last which can be perceived as a protection of the 13th Amendment. And I gather from the comment from the prosecutor, that forced abortions will be considered murder (whether it can be proven in a court of law that he did so is another story).

  2. Several of these articles talk about Life Imprisonment for this sub-human maggot. What they ought to do is tie him in a chair, and let each oof these girls have 30 minutes alone with him.

    They can do anything they want, EXCEPT kill him.

    Yeah, your damned right I’m a barbarian. IMHO, in cases like this, we should ALL be that way. There should be no mercy, nor any punishment be off the table for a crime like this.

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