3 thoughts on “The Scandals”

  1. It is hard to get this out and out of the way any sooner ahead of a national election (Congressional 2014) or Presidential (2016). If you think it will leak, now is the best time to get this in the public view. At worse, you’ll lose the current President and set up a selected appointee for incumbency in the next election. At best, this will be old and oft repeated to the point of annoyance news by 2014 or 2016.

    The Benghazi scandal isn’t even as old as la affair Plame, yet you already see the spin that Benghazi was old news. Ambassador Stevens is dead, Valerie Plame is alive. We have Democrats to thank for it, you know.

  2. Think I will be switching my voter registration to Democrat so I can get better healthcare. Nothing will come of Obama and.the Democrat’s abuse of power, best to play along and subvert it from the inside like when in college.

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