5 thoughts on “That Nineties Show”

  1. HA! – classic tie-in with the [arguably] worst Administration in our lifetime.

    One might wonder if the Obama administration wouldn’t have skated ala Clinton if they hadn’t had the incredible hubris to turn their gloved fist onto one of their sycophantic enablers, the [not so] beloved Associated Press.

    Some of the best political theater I can remember…

  2. Nixon in the ’70s, Clinton in the ’90s, Obama in the teens. Maybe what we need to do is just skip odd-numbered decades.

  3. I called NBC’s “Friends” (which I never watched) “That Nineties Show” for so long, I wondered why Rand was writing about it before I clicked through.

  4. That Carney EVER said of Benghazi, it was old news, isn’t just condescending, it’s the height of arrogance! The Holocaust happened WAY before Benghazi…do we forget that?

    FDR was POTUS, before the Holocaust even happened…do we forget just how GREAT he was? [if you’re a lib / prog/ socialist I mean]

    Or how about something the Dems never seem to forget.

    I’ve heard the term ‘BenghaziGATE’, a few times over the last week. It’s been 41 years since the Watergate break-in and 39 years since Nixon resigned…do we [they] forget THAT?

    George ‘W’ Bush has been out of Office for 4 years, 3 months, 25 days, 10 hours or so, right – this – minute…do we [they] forget that?

    There are a thousand examples that apply here, that predate those 4 Americans this Administration allowed to get murdered. Unless we are going to forget EVERYTHING that occurred, good or bad, before September 12, 2012, then the attack on the U.S. buildngs, and the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty and Sean Smith were NOT a long time ago, so it’s NOT old news.

    A long time ago, is when Luke Skywalker took on Darth Vader. A galaxy far, far away is where you’d have to be from to think this parc didn’t matter!

    I wonder if Jay Carney was suddenly killed tonight in a terrorist attack at the WH, or at some point while he’s on the road with his big Boss if he gets killed by someone yelling Allahu Akbar, if HIS family would think it was ‘old news’ after 7 or 8 months?

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