IRS Abuse

It’s just the Chicago Way:

“Are you in your good senses?” said my father. “We have lives here. We have businesses. If we get involved in politics, they will ruin us.”

And no one, not the Roosevelt Democrats or the Reagan Republicans, disagreed. The socialists, the communists, the royalists, everyone nodded their heads.

This was Chicago. And for a business owner to get involved meant one thing: It would cost you money and somebody from government could destroy you.

The health inspectors would come, and the revenue department, the building inspectors, the fire inspectors, on and on. The city code books aren’t thick because politicians like to write new laws and regulations. The codes are thick because when government swings them at a citizen, they hurt.

And who swings the codes and regulations at those who’d open their mouths? A government worker. That government worker owes his or her job to the political boss. And that boss has a boss.

The worker doesn’t have to be told. The worker wants a promotion. If an irritant rises, it is erased. The hack gets a promotion. This is government.

So everybody kept their mouths shut, and Chicago was hailed by national political reporters as the city that works.

We have to take our country back from these thugs.

[Update a while later]

It wasn’t just the IRS. A Tea Party group was also harassed by the FBI, BATF and OSHA. It’s the Chicago Way.

3 thoughts on “IRS Abuse”

  1. R’s need to actually demonstrate a city operating competently under consistent R ideology. (Not just “R’s in charge” like Bloomberg. But something like what Giuliani managed.)

  2. Not just any Tea Party group, but True the Vote. An organization that was specifically intended to ensure honest elections.

    Do we need any further proof that the Democrats engage in systematic vote fraud as a matter of course?

    If they don’t, then why are they so adamantly opposed to voter ID? Why are they afraid of True the Vote?

    The Democratic Party is literally a criminal organization. We have seen our last free and fair election in America.

  3. Pretty crazy that they didn’t just go after True the Vote but the personal business of its organizers.

    This isn’t just about silencing political dissent but destroying the lives of people based on their voter registration.

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