James Rosen

He was apparently being tracked and spied on by the Justice Department, and has been accused of crimes for simply being a reporter. But I guess it’s all right — after all, it’s not like he works for a “legitimate news operation.” As they said over at Twitchy, when you’ve lost Glenn Greenwald…

[Update a couple minutes later]


[Update mid morning]

Even though it’s that “illegitimate news organization,” Fox News, other “journalists” are taking notice:

Let’s hope that it’s the end of the slobbering love affair, and they finally start to notice the war the administration has been making on the rest of us.

[Update a few minutes later]

OK, one more:

[Update a couple minutes later]

Aaaaannnd, it wasn’t just James Rosen. Megyn Kelly is hot (an evergreen statement). But now, she’s also steamed.

Apparently the War on Fox News never ended. It just went guerrilla.

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