8 thoughts on “Feeding The Trolls”

  1. Interesting, somewhat. Curious: why did you post this? You are usually an evil denier; and this is slanted to the hysterics’ point of view(which we get ad nauseum from almost all other media outlets).

    Also, I thought it ironic that Hoyt pointed to more ‘facts’ than the other team…all they had was the usual fallacy of appealing to authority/concensus.

  2. Geez, Rand. What kind of site did you link us into looking at? As soon as you click the link you get nagged for donations?

    Am I going to have to run an anti-spyware that runs a 90 minute scan for 3 times, then wipe the hard disk, drop the computer from 3 feet after initiating a scan disk, remove the hard disk, bury it 20 feet underground, and have my backyard designated a Superfund site before I am through?

    1. Big oil forces them to act like aggressive pan handlers. The ethics of money gathering should only be applied to evil bankers and enemies of the cause.

  3. Their definition of troll seems to be anyone with a different view point and they use the word they same way people call someone racist to stop a conversation.

    1. I’ve never known anyone to use the term “Troll” differently. It’s literally the first defense of people who can’t make a logical argument to save themselves.

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