6 thoughts on “A Do-Nothing Congress”

  1. We don’t have the luxury anymore of a do nothing congress. We have an opportunity to clean out the rats. If they don’t do it. Do nothing just means more legislation, not from congress, but from the unaccountable bureaucrats that don’t have to worry about silly things like elections.

    1. The House can’t pass anything on it’s own. Even when they pass something and can get the Senate to agree, Obama still has the veto. That’s the reality. Elections have consequences.

      Doctors pledge to “first do no harm.” Since we can’t get the government to live by that standard, doing nothing is better than doing harm.

  2. Meh. Let’s see if the Senate flips in 2014. What’s needed is a session of “repeal everything that stands still long enough”, and 2011 showed that there’s no repeal with the Senate the way it is. Rauch’s End of Government convinced me that new legislation will always be toxic, regardless of good intentions. Do-nothing except when you can explicitly repeal some especially noxious regulation-spawning code seems to be about the best that can be expected of national legislation any more. The tactical advantage of any given interest against the interests of the whole make that a sad given.

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