12 thoughts on “What Aren’t They Telling Obama”

  1. Huh… I was under the impression that senior executives that “didn’t know” what was going on were thrown in jail anyway. Why are we holding the President of the United States to a lower standard than the CEO of Enron?

    1. Because the current POTUS is of lower character, intelligence, and competence than the CEO of Enron.

      1. DaveP,
        that’s no excuse Dave. If ignorance of the Law is no excuse, then overall ignorance isn’t an excuse either.

  2. Why not? It’s not like we’re holding anyone accountable there (federal level accounting incidentally being a bad joke). A few threads back, Jim was boasting about how many should-be scandals weren’t sticking to the Obama administration.

  3. Are we supposed to be like the gullible kulaks who said, as they were being sent to their deaths in the gulags, “If only Stalin knew!”

    Stalin knew what was going on. He knew damned well. Obama may try for the plausable deniability excuse but he’s still responsible for the things that happen on his watch.

    1. That’s why when we refer to any of this mess we don’t use cutesy names that end in “-gate.” We tack Obama’s name onto every single one.

      They’re desperately trying to deflect it all by (unexpectedly!) blaming Bush, which proves it’s sticking to the little god-king.

  4. In the Obama Administration, transparency means not even the President knows what is happening.

    1. The President walks into the Oval Office with his fly unzipped. As his staff is circumspect regarding making known information of a sensitive nature . . .

      “Mr. President, did you order a National Day of Mourning for someone?”

      “Mr. President, why has your Marine Aviation Detachment opened the hanger to Marine One?”

      “Mr. President, a major diplomatic initiative is known as an ‘opening.’ Are you announcing a new diplomatic initiative?”

      “Mr. President, full-disclosure and transparency is not recommended in all instances.”

      And finally . . .

      “Mr. President, you are scheduled to meet with the Senate Minority Leader. Don’t change a thing.”

  5. If the White House is to be believed (yeah, I know), we reelected President Ted Baxter.

  6. The actor is only given his lines.

    I am sure that real power elite in Chicago knew all along that they would have to abandon the successful IRS plan to remove the tea party from the 2012 election.

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