9 thoughts on “Hacking The Constitution”

  1. I think Obama’s election is perfectly legitimate. In fact, it will be even better if he was proclaimed Emperor Obama Augustus, The All Seeing.

  2. I still want a reporter or two to -get- one of the free phones.

    Little things like messages or robocalls “Show up to vote NOW or lose your phone!” would be mighty effective IMNSHO. And easy.

    1. The free phones thing is USDA Grade A pork.

      What kind of person needs a cell phone for emergencies? Someone who spends a significant amount of time away from available phone service. That means the employed – people on work commutes or on their way to the store. A phone for emergencies can be dirt cheap. A Nokia 1616 costs 20 bucks. A pay-per-call plan can cost $2 per day with the right plan. Those $10 prepaid minutes expire in 90 days. $40 annually will pay for 20 days worth of calling. The employed poor can afford that.

      Anyone with more than 20 days worth of emergencies annually needs an exorcist, not a cell phone.

      1. You’re thinking about how you’d structure the plan for the stated purpose.

        I saying there’s a hell of lot more interesting things to do with a list of 20 million people (Name + phone number!) that self-selected for Obamaphones. Like call/txt them.

  3. In my opinion, a big clue was that one of Obama’s first acts as President in 2009 was to put the U.S. Census under the direct control of the White House. That was unprecedented, and at the time it elicited only a little head-scratching from the punditry.

    I thought it was a five-alarm fire, and I knew it could only mean that the next election would be rigged.

    In 2012, we didn’t see voter fraud on a massive scale. I think it was done on a micro scale. The detailed Census data enabled them to target precisely those precincts they needed to “tweak” in order to ensure victory.

    I believe that we have seen our last free and fair election in America.

  4. Welcome aboard, Jim Clone! You could perfect your imitation by closely studying tapes of Baghdad Bob. Just change some of the wording, and–voila!

  5. Remember the second presidential debate, when Obama moustrapped Romney on the Benghazi terrorism issue, by referring to an obscure speech of his that had contained the word “terror” and the moderator, Candy Crowley, just happened to have a copy of said speech right under her nose? That was a turning point in the election, because Romney had wiped the floor with Obama in debate 1.

    However, in debate #2, Obama was far better able to reply to Romney, including the setup with Candy Crowley.

    It was quite a change. It was as if Obama knew exactly what points Romney would raise (and why Crowley had that one particular speech at the ready, all printed out, right under her nose and right on top). This would be the same Obama who has a penchant for tapping phones and an NSA and FBI that are collecting private info at an unprecedented rate.

    This would be the same Obama who has, as part of his administration, an IRS that was blatantly targeting on a partisan basis, for years.

    Think about it… Does the 2012 election, especially post-conventions, have many issues that could be explained by one side knowing the other side’s strategy and playbook? I think it does, and the second debate is hard to explain any other way.

    And that IRS issue.. where did it hurt the most? The ground game on election day. It was because the Tea Party and others were not out in force with volunteers that team Romney used (and utterly screwed up with) their ORCA project. They had to- because in key areas they were outnumbered on the ground 10-1, in large part due to the grassroots groups being hamstrung by the IRS.

    Yes, I think this election was stolen, but I think it was a death of a thousand cuts rather than just one thing. Small scale vote fraud, the IRS, wiretapping, debate cheating, etc, etc.

    The question this raises for me is, if Obama’s election was fraudulent, what about Biden’s? Let’s assume that Biden didn’t know any of the illegal stuff (I think that’s a safe assumption, as only a lunatic would entrust big-mouth Biden with a secret of any sort). Is his election still valid even though fraudulent? My best guess is that’s a very gray area on the Federal level.

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