Why The Government Hates Conservatives

Frank J. explains:

You have to remember that the bureaucrats in government are a fiercely tribal people who base all their beliefs on an extreme ideology of government power. How did we think they’d react when we threatened to tear down all they know over some concept they’ve never even heard of — math? Did we think they’d really welcome us as liberators when we tossed them all out into the private sector — a scary world that demands things they can’t even understand, like productivity? No, of course not. Instead they did what seems logical to them: Fight against the invaders threatening them while rallying behind their supreme religious figure, President Obama.

Clearly they had it coming.

2 thoughts on “Why The Government Hates Conservatives”

  1. Frank has such amazing insight. All we have to do is adopt the perfect philosophy when faced with government power…

    “We lose. They win.”

    It’s the law after all. Don’t we know our place? They would never use the red button on us if we only did that, right? Peace in our time!

    Just don’t wear the wrong T-shirt. Where’s my sledge hammer? Or should we use a sickle?

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