Just Because You’re Paranoid

doesn’t mean that no one is out to get you.

I haven’t heard anything about the actual investigation into the Hastings crash. Are they treating it as an accident, or a potential crime scene? One of the many ways in which the Vince Foster investigation was completely botched (including by Ken Starr) was because the park police initially assumed it was a suicide, which is not how you’re supposed to treat such things, and thus lost the chain of custody on key parts of the evidence.

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      1. True. FWIW, the response was not really something that could be parsed like “what the meaning of is is.” They said right out they’ve never had an investigation of him open.

    1. If the FBI was investigating him but now denies it, is the FBI lying or does one part not know what another was up to? Neither case encourages confidence in that department of government.

    2. Well, the FBI and DoJ are actually set to undergo a bureaucratic reorganization and name change, so it will be the Federal Investigative Bureau as an agency working under the Legal Investigative and Enforcement Service, so FIB and LIES.

      But in seriousness, I’ll add this McClatchy link that is more disturbing to me than any of the scandals revealed so far, which is a lot. I’d quote it but I can’t do it justice, as it’s a sweeping policy of having government employees act like Stalinist informants on their own coworkers, with severe penalties for failing to report their suspicious peers as potential traitors and enemies of the state for doing things like talking to the press. That is not the government we grew up with.

    1. Yeah. Dropping a safe on him from the clear night sky would’ve raised some suspicions.

  1. I think the mainstream press will snap when they look around and realize they’re all dropping like flies under mysterious circumstances.

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