Rodeo Clowns

Thoughts on the proposed re-education camps:

All this outrage is really an admission that Obama is weak, and can’t withstand the kind of criticism routinely directed at other presidents, from Nixon to Clinton to Bush. President Asterisk, indeed.

As I noted on Twitter:

[Wednesday-morning update]

Shocker! The president is depicted as an ape!

Obviously racist.

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  1. 🙂

    Narcissists don’t let a farm animal challenge them for the crowd’s attention.

    Also, Obama couldn’t draw a bull’s attention from the cowboy in under twenty minutes, when he’d speak some lines about how working as a team, rider and bull can come together if Republicans will just sign his bovine testical removal act, which codifies common-sense solutions to rural species role and outcome disparities with 8,533 pages of wise, no nonsense policies that distill the best ideas from the Departments of Agriculture, State, Homeland Security, Education, DEA, OSHA, and the EPA, challenging the tired old paradigms based on fear and doubt in which cowboys cling to a steer, one-handed [gesture provided] instead of working toward their mutually beneficial goals that respect both bull and rider alike, and reflect what is best about America.

      1. I used to blog, often on space issues at Bastard Sword, and then spent a year in charge of the Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler back in the days when Rachael Lucas was very active and Bill Whittle was starting with “Eject! Eject!”. I usually kept the Rott in the top 20 or 30 blogs on the old Bear Ecosystem.

        But then an old college roommate, who was brilliant but a clinical psychopath who tried to frame me for kidnapping and attempted murder, among about two years of other rather brilliant schemes, sent me an e-mail saying he was a regular reader. He said he’d quit doing evil, which was probably true given his age at that point, having become a university chemistry professor, but I was still pretty rattled.

        [deletes about 30 paragraphs of some of the most horrifying things ever posted on the internet, mostly about how my brother makes the psychopath seem like Gandhi, ending with “So when I think about blogging, I know he’s (my brother) is out there. He is comptroller of Cobb Country Georgia, BTW.]

        I’ll have to give some considerations to posting any of it.

        In the meantime, I think I have a new interesting plot for a sci-fi story that would be somewhat like Elysium, but with actual logic, reason, and the weight of historical forces (to use a Marxist term).

        Suppose we launch some kind of small space colony by 2030 or so. As partial justifications, the kids are told that they’re getting the indulgence of space so they can solve Earth’s environmental puzzles that cause untold suffering to millions. That seems plausible, given current politics.

        Those kids grow up and become teachers, and cut to their lectures where they zoom in on nasty parasitic infections, maggots, etc. In contrast to the Earth, their food is grown in sterile chambers, with only selected, beneficial bacteria involved. Their whole farm programs put Earth bound clean rooms to shame. Since food purity is a human hang-up, they develop hang-ups.

        Cut again to the generation after that, and teachers are delivering lectures about how Earth is a disease ridden cesspool, and how humans there suffer from malaria, maggots, yellow fever, and whatnot, with wildly emotional, heart-rending appeals to stop the death and suffering.

        Cut to a generation after that, where the building consensus among spacers, formed from such emotional appeals repeated across a couple generations, is that the Earth is the cesspit of parasitic, insect-borne doom, not just for humans, but for all mammals, reptiles, and birds.

        An emotional notion becomes a serious movement and program, similar to the Nazi racial hygiene, but more logical. Where ever humans go with their plants and animals, the most devastating threat will be from ancient bacteria and viruses from Earth. Crop diseases, weeds, fleas, parasites, maggots, things that will come exploding out of your eyeballs. Making such videos is pretty trivial, and a drumbeat of them would seem to bring cold hard logic to bear. The Earth needs to be cleansed, down to the bedrock, while pulling all the worthwhile species temporarily aside so we can repopulate our home without all the nasty threats that only exist because they exploited vulnerabilities, or take advantage of the weak or infirm.

        The liberals would tend to buy into the arguments, based on past history, but some of them would argue that we don’t have the right to exterminate the targeted species (and innocent individuals.

        It is a conversation that will (hopefully) become relevant, especially if thee Earth colonizes dozens or hundreds of pristine worlds with highly beneficial and productive life (sheep, cows, pineapples) that thrive because they’ve left all their native predators behind. Using the emotional appeals aimed at children to show them how much better off they are without ancient parasitic threats, and ties to hygiene and easily induced paranoia about disease and impurity, you end up with a highly plausible scenario of bright people who are convinced that exterminating most life on Earth is actually a good thing, and of course would have people so opposed it boggles the mind.

        I think most of us here could argue both points quite well, and we’re talking a mass extinction event. That would be a believable conflict with Earth in the balance. Torch one planet (whose DNA is all cataloged anyway), to prevent the inevitable spread of contamination to dozens or hundreds of pristine new worlds, and thousands of space colonies).

        It makes a whole lot more sense than rich people on a space station hording all the heart bypasses.

  2. All this outrage is really an admission that Obama is weak, and can’t withstand the kind of criticism routinely directed at other presidents, from Nixon to Clinton to Bush.

    Indeed. It reminds me of the wild-eyed, threatening reactions to “Draw Muhammad Day.”

  3. I’m still traumatized by Point Break. I’m not sure if it was the President’s masks or Reeves, Swayze, and Busey all in the same movie. Bigelow is such a racist hater!

  4. Ronald Reagan and both Presidents Bush were unavailable for comment.
    Richard Nixon was, but his comment- using a word more commonly used in reference to felines- was barred from publication because it was considered too likely to give President Obama a sad.

  5. As it was said at AoS today, it would be nice if Obama spoke to his minions and got them to tamp down their hatred of clowns and people who go to rodeos but this is a nice distraction from the reality of Obama’s failed policies. Ginning up racial hate and animosity is just gravy.

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