9 thoughts on “Hyperloop, Tesla and Musk Bashing”

  1. I thought that “Occupy Mars” shirt (which has been for sale on the web for a while now) had absolutely nothing to do with the so-called political movement (except the name) and everything to do with people expressing their desire to send people to Mars.

    1. Considering the ill-will progressives feel about the “pioneering” analogy used in the space community, you think Musk would be a little more mindful of his use of “Occupy Mars.” And it will just make everyone else who knows about all the violence, rapes, and calls for socialist revolution wonder why he would want to associate himself with that brand. Lose/Lose

    2. Yes, I think the Occupy Mars T-shirt was just “riffing on a meme” as I said at PJM, and not an official endorsement of the Occupy movement.

      On the other hand, there are a lot of young people who work at SpaceX.

      Young people + Southern California = Liberal with a neon flashing L.

      So I have no doubt that some of them did in fact support the Occupy movement.

      I assume that some of the knee-jerk anti-Elon sentiment at conservative sites is based on the well-publicized photo of him giving Obama a tour of LC-40 a few years ago. He’s an Obama supporter! Eew!

      I don’t spend much time at left-wing sites. I wonder how they treat him. Do they think he is some kind of hardcore uncompromising robber-baron capitalist?

  2. Nice response, with a much bigger impact than a comment buried at Ace’s! I wonder if they’ll give it some linkage.

    Speaking of Lockheed Martin, yesterday I saw an engadget story about a New Zealand garage inventor who has developed a workable jet pack.

    His name is Glenn Martin, so I went “Huh. How odd. I think aviation has already had a Glenn Martin.”

    I wonder if he’ll eventually merge with some of his other neighbor’s potential garage businesses, and if any of his neighbors are by chance named Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, or Curtis?

    I also have a minor bug report for the comment box. I accidentally typed two consecutive less-than signs and that locks up the comment box, even cut-and-pasting them.

    1. Nice response, with a much bigger impact than a comment buried at Ace’s! I wonder if they’ll give it some linkage.

      rdbrewer, the author of the Ace post, did indeed link it in the right sidebar today, which is how I found it.

  3. SpaceX may have a bunch of flights booked, but they haven’t actually had an actual satellite launch yet, have they? I mean, separate from the ISS missions so far.

      1. They have actually launched satellites with the Falcon 9. The first COTS launch caries several secondary payloads – and the CRS1 flight had an Orbcomm satellite. (which was placed in the wrong orbit due to engine out)

  4. Wow I just read your article Rand … TREEHUGGER ALERT! Rand has turned into a tree huggin’ green peace nut because he supports some of the things Elon Musk does! (according to the comments on his article over at PJ)

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