6 thoughts on “The Weather Channel”

  1. Watts cites AGW propaganda but the press release states, “in response to numerous customer complaints that more than 40 percent of The Weather Channel’s programming is dedicated to reality television shows. ”

    I enjoy Prospectors but it would fit better at History, Discovery, or A&E. These networks have already gone so far afield from their original core objectives. I miss the days when The History Channel actually had shows on about history. People tune into TWC for weather information or at the very least weather themed programming. It is sad that the people in charge are not even creative enough to to use a simple theme like weather to guide their programming choices. When you find your niche, exploit it don’t ruin it.

    1. I agree, the history seems to consists also entirely of folks digging through junk to find historical objects, folks restoring them and then folks buying them. And when they are not showing those shows they have shows on UFO’s and ancient aliens to fill the gaps, or swamp folks hunting gators. Good entertainment, but its not really history anymore.

      And the same is true of the weather channel, its is mostly reality shows and commercials with a few weather maps in between. The weather underground is my first choice now, especially as it works great on a iPhone.

      1. “Good entertainment, but its not really history anymore.”

        And they replay the shows so much no one wants to watch them anymore.

      1. I am a huge fan of reading that genre, heard all the good things, but could not even get through half of the first volume of Game of Thrones; I still have it and maybe I will give it another try.

        Now, Steven Ericson’s Malazan series…THAT is beyond awesome.

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