6 thoughts on “Our Space Dependence On The Russians”

  1. Instead, Obama wants to give Ukraine a billion dollars, while the EU wants to kick in $15 billion. Getting Dragonrider finished would only cost a small fraction of that, and would prevent the Russians from exerting sole control of a $100 billion dollar piece of hardware.

  2. What is far more worrisome to me at the moment is that we still have 30,000 troops in Afghanistan, with supply lines controlled by Russia and Pakistan.

    1. Yeah. I think that war was justified, unlike the last Iraq war, but since the Taliban were expelled and Bin Laden is dead it is time to pull out of that place. I mean every mission objective has been achieved.

      1. It would be nice to leave Afghanistan strong enough to fight off the Taliban. They may be based in Pakistan now but are no less threatening. It would also be nice if we looked at both countries as our allies that deserve our help and friendship. A lot of good people have stuck their heads out to work with us and they want a good future for their countries.

        Even if we totally pull out of Afghanistan like we did in Iraq, we should still work on building friendship with them. The idea that pulling the troops out also means severing all ties and ignoring whatever happens to these people is rather disgusting.

        A number of years back the ambassador from Afghanistan was in town and he emphasized that there were some big differences between Iraq and Afghanistan. The main one being that the Afghans wanted the Americans to be there. He also said that no one would believe him back home that Americans would sit on the floor to listen to him speak.

  3. Our dependence on the Russians? Only with regard to virtually pointless manned-space-flight or the utterly useless ISS. Russians’ dependence on us is another matter. Without our need for astronaught (sic) taxis to supply that stupid thing, their spacecraft would rust into the desert.

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