11 thoughts on “What Is A Scientist?”

  1. Meanwhile, on the topic of climate alarmists, you might enjoy a recent post at “climate nuremberg” which is one of those posts where you just can’t look away.

    It starts with

    Part of being a science communicator is hoping a natural disaster kills as many members of the audience as possible, as soon as possible, with as much media exposure as possible. As a communicator myself, I’d like nothing better than for thousands of middle-class white people to die in an extreme weather event—preferably one with global warming’s fingerprints on it—live on cable news. Tomorrow.

    And he doubles down on it. Going into how many hundreds of thousands of people should die, and how often, before people wise up and put climate alarmists in charge.

    1. This isn’t satire is it?

      I am curious about what the pro global warming readers here think about stuff like this. Do things like this and similar rants about calling for the arrests and mass killings of “deniers” raise any red flags with the in crowd at all? Scary part is they want this stuff to happen in the name of science.

        1. Thank goodness its satire. It seemed a little over the top but also wouldn’t be out of place.

  2. A scientist is anyone who practices the scientific method. The Mythbuster crew are scientists, Michael Mann is just a government fink.

  3. It is astonishing that people who spend so much time complaining about science illiteracy cannot actually define the terms: science literacy, valid scientific theory, scientific theory or scientist.

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