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  1. I got a Facebook account a couple of years ago but I almost never use it. I may be just an old fogey (I come, for example, from a generation that actually read books on a regular basis), but I just don’t “get” Facebook. It just seems like a big timesuck to me. I prefer to communicate people the old-fashioned way–i.e., e-mail. If someone could point out virtues of Facebo0ok that I’ve missed, I might use it more often.

  2. Meh, I find it nice to stay in touch with people you otherwise wouldn’t, because of distance, or life. Keep your contact list short, don’t post the small stuff (no one cares about your breakfast), and it works fine.

    Of course, a good ad-blocker is useful, too.

  3. Why do Facebook anymore? I never did. It just never interested me in the least. Why should I post personal information online? Who would want to read it? I guess all those military OPSEC briefings may also have had an impact. Besides, when the service is free, you are the product. I have little to no control over what companies do with my personal data but I can choose to limit what personal information I put online.

    1. It’s really good for keeping in touch with your family, especially if your family is large, geographically dispersed, and wasn’t all that great at keeping in touch the old-fashioned way.

  4. I use it to keep in touch with cousins, fraternity brothers, and friends from high school. Otherwise, meh.

  5. I canceled my facebook account a couple years ago. I didn’t like the rules and intrusiveness of it all.

    Now I’m REALLY glad I cancelled it.

  6. I have established contact with a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in decades, and continue to do so.

    I also post a semi-regular “Some thoughts for the day,” which is just a collection of one-liners. It started out being purely for my own and my girlfriend’s amusement, but then I found out that it has quite a following. At the last FAA Space Conference, Wayne Hale paused to say hi to me, and then started to go on his way. He stopped, turned back, and said “I love your FaceBook posts.” I had paused for a while, but resumed when I learned that a friend of mine and TFTD fan was down in the dumps and needed some cheering up. So I guess I use it to alter moods, too.

    1. Yes, Michael, in fairness I should add to my post that I do like that function of Facebook. A few years ago I needed to get in touch with someone I used to work with but had not kept in contact with, and fortunately her name is unusual enough that, by using Facebook, I was able to notify her that I needed to speak to her.

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