10 thoughts on “Trump’s Attacks On Hillary’s War On Women”

  1. Educated about the 90’s? How about a survey course of the 70’s, starting with today’s news from Iran.

  2. It is mind-boggling that Bill Clinton is out there speaking at all. Why don’t some conservative ladies go to his and her rallies and scream about rapists and enablers and Bill Cosby, sorry Clinton? Those two are incredibly vulnerable.

    1. People tried it in the 1990s. The news/agitprop machine mocked them mercilessly, and every late-night TV comedian’s monologue alternated jokes about Slick Willie the cool guy who boinks lots of chicks with jokes about those kuh-razy old Republican fuddy-duddies who care so much about Bill’s magnetic super-charismatic sexuality.

      It’s like Ross Perot. Everything he warned us about came true–and people still can’t hear his name without mentally appending a laughtrack.

      It doesn’t fit the narrative, and no one’s going to be allowed to get away with saying such things.

  3. Counter-attacks on the lame War on Women meme were always going to work. It’s just that the opposition never had the stones to try. There’s nothing magical about it.

  4. The MSM has always, until now, pretended that Bill Clinton’s case was nothing other than a consensual affair with Lewinski.

    Credit due to Trump for opening fire on this, which I’ll note that no other Republican candidate dared do before Trump did it.

    However, I think the biggest thanks should go to Hillary Clinton, for opening the topic by saying that all rape accusers should be believed. Given her own history of publicly denigrating her husband’s accusers, this level of hypocrisy opened a door for Trump to walk through.

    It’s also IMHO best to bear in mind that, as useful and just as this issue is, it takes a candidate willing to “go there” to be useful. Trump and now Cruz have done so. However, if we nominate a candidate who’s ruled it out (For example, Rubio) then it’s yet another issue we’ve thrown away.

    1. The MSM has always, until now, pretended that Bill Clinton’s case was nothing other than a consensual affair with Lewinski.

      Which is funny, considering how many sexual harassment seminars we had to sit through during that timeframe. One of the things harped on in those seminars was that you can’t really have a consensual affair between a low ranking and a high ranking person in a company. The low ranking person might fear of losing her job if she refused the high ranking person’s advances. Bill Clinton was the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the free world. Monica Lewinsky was an intern. It’s pretty hard to find a bigger gap in rank than between those two positions. However, feminists groups like NOW gave Clinton a pass because he was reliably pro-choice. Some went so far as to claim Clinton had a One Free Grope exception to the sexual harassment rules the rest of us have to live by.

  5. It pains me to say this, but Trump is the only person running on the Republican side who has the stooch to win. No one else comes close. It isn’t so much a comment on Republicans, but on the hideous antics of the Democrats, abetted by their stooge mainstream media.

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