14 thoughts on “When Glaciers Are Sexist”

    1. Why do you feel the need to continue your confident idiot obsession from the other thread here?

      It was 14,000 abandoned towers yesterday, where have the 26,000 new old abandoned towers come from?

    2. It was 14,000 abandoned towers yesterday

      Wrong. It was 4 million worldwide. Only 50 thousand in the US. Why do you dispute these numbers? If it’s 10k in the US would you be happier?

      1. Wow, 14,000 yesterday, 40,000 this morning and 50,000 by early evening, are these old abandoned towers breeding? Are you writing some sort of SF horror novel?

    3. I thought I’d better do a check on the number of retired wind turbines in the US, apparently there are over 52,000 active turbines:

      The number of abandoned turbines is less certain, though these people think the claim of 14,000 in the US is laughable:



      Since you’re making the claim here, the onus is on you to find an authoritative source to support your claim.

  1. As if sexist glaciers weren’t enough, this morning I had to endure a flagrantly racist camping stove; it only runs on white gas.

    Hrmm, it just occurred to me that glaciers are racist too…

  2. Time to once again recall Paul Krassner’s lament of several decades ago now about how difficult it was getting to do satire as the real world was becoming more absurd all the time. He went on to say something along the lines of, “When I can’t tell if I’m hallucinating or experiencing reality, I just flap my arms. If I don’t fly, then it’s reality.”

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