3 thoughts on “LysisTrumpa”

  1. That’s probably the primary evolutionary effect of feminism anyway. It selects for guys who lie well.

  2. I’ve been married for 18 years and hope I’ve learned a few things in my time. The only thing that kills a relationship is Resentment. I’ve seen marriages survive through some pretty horrendous things, and I’ve seen others fall apart for simple things. The only thing I’ve noticed that is a consistent correlation is Resentment. If one person has it and isn’t willing to give it up, then the relationship is done. You might as well just walk away. With this in mind, withholding sex to get your way is a sure fire way to build resentment.

  3. “… and now we’re just haggling over the price.”

    Who knew it was a commodity to be paid for?!?

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