4 thoughts on “Lawbots”

  1. I wrote better chatbots over 40 years ago before I knew how to program. Whoever programmed this one is an idiot.

    1. I had one even more obtuse representing me in a case where he did nothing, and I lost. But he billed me $30,000. Other lawyers to whom I showed all of our correspondence said “This is clearly malpractice.” And not a single one of them would help me file a malpractice suit. We are not protected, and there is no recourse.

      1. Decades ago in NYC my lawyer bragged that most of his income came from boilerplate word processing apps. They no longer have to actually ‘work’ for a living. I ran my mars colony trust idea past a local lawyer, paying for the privilege, and he assured me it would work from a legal standpoint, but would not even provide me with a referral to any law firm that would take the case (although $30k was mentioned) When it comes to trusts they already make money with boilerplate applications so actual work is unwelcome.

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