7 thoughts on “The Uncanny Valley”

  1. Appears to be totally paralysed from about the upper chest down. (Some videos show her shrugging her shoulders slightly.) The presence of the guy with the laptop casts doubt on how much of her responses is generated autonomously. Not impressed.

  2. One problem here, which Disney’s “animatronic” figures solved decades back, is “body language”. The android in this video moves only her face and head. Were her body to shift a bit, like the *Abe Lincoln* figure does, then the experience would be less uncanny.

  3. One time my sister and I were at Disney World, we got to debating whether or not a figure on stage between performances was real or animatronic. I forget which of us was taking which side. Each of us was supporting our argument with various facts and logic. Eventually he settled the argument by getting up and walking off stage.

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