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  1. I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again; I had forgotten what derangement syndrome looked like. Can’t call it BDS anymore, because it looks the same today for Trump as it did Bush; or for that matter Reagan.

    I remember when these nutters came out when Obama was elected and claimed the adults were entering the room. Nah, don’t buy that story anymore. There’s the Kurt piece below. Krugman flipped out too. Olbermann really needs to seek help.

    Step away from those extremes, and you have Earnest and Hillary herself both thinking Trump was able to work a deal with Putin, despite Hillary’s grand achievement of resetting relations and Obama’s oft repeated claim that Russia had nothing to do with the election (until last week, when he changed his mind). And the evidence of Russia hackery falls very short of the CIA evidence of WMD in Iraq.

    Today, I’m happy about two things. The people mentioned above are going out of power, and Hillary will never be President.

  2. Neal Stephenson invented “Diax’s Rake” for his marvelous novel Anathem, which says basically that one should not believe something just because one wants it to be true. Sounds like both Elfwick’s and Poe’s Laws are specialized versions of Diax’s Rake to me.

  3. The piece is by Robert J King, PhD, and it has drawn one comment and a reply from the author, which is brilliant.


    You are embarrassing yourself
    Submitted by Victoria on December 13, 2016 – 12:18am

    Stick to teaching your little snowflakes. This is a hack piece. You don’t live or work in the real world.

    Thanks for your concern
    Submitted by Robert J King Ph.D. on December 13, 2016 – 9:36am

    I’ve told you before mum, if you cant be nice I’m going to tell dad


    1. That’s pretty funny. He has a face that looks like it belongs to a person with a sense of humor. But is this real? Its like wheels within wheels, turtles down to turtles, a meme within a meme. The breaking of the fourth wall in reverse.

  4. It was a truly brilliant satire. The business where I work is a hairs-breadth from being fully SJW converged, and the essay describes how pretty much everybody but me at the place thinks. When I first saw a link to it, before Elfwick outed himself, I nearly gagged. It should be enshrined as one of the greatest parodies of leftist thought ever, and Elfwick’s Law is a fitting tribute.

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