A Taxonomy Of Uncertainty

Climate science is currently somewhere between levels 4 and 5, but many (particularly ignorant adherents of the climate religion) think that it’s at 2 or 1.

6 thoughts on “A Taxonomy Of Uncertainty”

  1. Hey, Newtonian physics is not a dead-certain sure thing, even with the General Relativity corrections thrown in.

    Think of that Tully-Fisher business regarding the rotation rate of the spiral galaxies, how the spiral arms are not following Keplerian laws — they are spinning around like a rigid phonograph record.

    The fix is to assume Dark Matter. Yeah, Dark Matter, the scientific consensus making as much sense as you-know-what.

    1. “Dark Matter”– someday soon it’ll join its proper place alongside phlogiston and epicycles and the aether and “string theory” and phrenology and lamarckism and marxism.

      Then again, something like the aether might be part of the proper explanation…

  2. Where do the FAA’s launch risk rules fall on this chart? I feel safe saying they are neither #1 nor #5 (and maybe not #4), but my thinking on this probably can’t achieve that level of fidelity.

  3. Well the problem is CO2 is a greenhouse gas and can trap Infrared is a 1. But everything gets worse from there, from how much we are releasing being a 2 to 3 , recognizing sinks and sources of CO2 being a 3/4 . How much warming is a 4/5 . Consequences of the warming nearly zen level. Lot of people think they understand the 1 part and don’t think anything else matters and think the volume we releasing is a 2.

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