8 thoughts on “Do Not Say “Yes””

  1. I got a call once and I asked if it was a robot, and first it (realistic female voice) said no, but the second time I asked, it said it’d connect me to someone else, and then hung up on me.

  2. Also, my office has been getting a ton of robocalls the last year or two. I think they’re listening for you to say “Hello”, so I’ve taken to making sure to answer the phone the way I was told to years ago, “Good morning, [business name], how may I help you?”. Frequently I get a few seconds of dead air and then a hang-up.

    1. I have been barking out a terse “Go ahead”, but your idea seems better.
      Perhaps one could say, “How may I direct your call?”

      1. Remember laugh in? “Is this the number to whom I am speaking?

        Would “sock-it-to-me” be considered a yes?

        (…that’s the straight line. Can you guess the punch?)

  3. I am sick to death of these calls. I don’t say a word. Just hang up. I wish I had a button that could send them an electric shock. Or, something.

    Thought about buying one of those air horns used on boats but A) I guess it is probably illegal to blast them with the intention of doing harm B) why damage my phone for them C) why damage my ears for them? Maybe I could have ear plugs handy, but that’s making a lot of effort and it’s taking things to a bit of a comic-maniacal level.

    It’d be easier maybe to design an electronic board to tap into the phone line and emit a massive squeal, wholly electronic on my end. But, again, there’s probably some legal liability, and what if I blast a friend by mistake?

    Oh, well. I guess I’m just stuck with it. But, if there is a God, and he/she listens to my prayers, those people are in for short lives, horrible deaths, and excruciating punishment for all eternity.

    1. I simply don’t answer calls not in my contact list. If they want to talk to me they have to leave a voicemail.

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