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  1. Not really resurrected. They’re only talking about transferring some traits to an elephant embryo. It might look like a mammoth, but it wouldn’t be one.

    What I don’t understand is why they want to use an artificial womb?

    1. First bet on the artificial womb is a combination. They don’t risk a female of an endangered species, the Asian elephant, because the infant hybrid might be much larger than the smaller Asian elephant infants, since the largest adult Asian elephant was 7.7 tonnes, and the Mammoths may have ranged as high as 12 tonnes.. Also, the researchers might want to extend the use of the artificial womb to far larger sizes than the mice they are experimenting with today, using whatever funding they can get from private sources for the Mammoth hybrid experiment. This might allow use for humans who cannot conceive as well.

      1. Just because they crossbread with an asian elephant doesn’t mean they can’t use an african elephant as the surrogate. Also, since it’s not actually a mammoth embryo it probably would not be as large as a regular mammoth. It would probably take a series of breedings to eventually arrive at a final mammoth (if ever. It might always be a hybrid.)

        1. That’s the nervous word there, Ken, …probably. Church is already a bete noire of the anti-GM crowd, for helping invent CRISPR. If he “kills an elephant mother”, of an endangered elephant sub-species, they will demand his head, as well as the end to the project.

          And, working artificial wombs might be useful for other things as well.

  2. They need to figure a way to protect them from ivory poachers. Like being able to handle projectile weapons. #Footfall

  3. I can see the commercial now.

    “You’re a man. No, you’re a MAN. A hungry MAN. You need MEAT. Meat with FIRE. MAMMOTH BURGER. Because you’re a MAN.”

    Tim Allen, call your office.

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