The Fate Trump Spared Us

Why despite my visceral dislike and low opinion of Trump, I’m still glad she lost:

I am sure Obama always remained ambivalent about Hillary Clinton from their 2008 contest, as he was very critical of Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” in The Audacity of Hope. Then, too, we know that Hillary’s 2008 campaign was an organizational disaster from start to finish, reflecting her own disorderly mind, arrogant manner, and presumptuous character. It appears she learned nothing from that experience as the campaign approached.

Yes. As I’ve always said, she’s an incompetent, corrupt hack, and her administration would have been a disaster on top of terrible policy.

[Update late morning]

Hillary ran the worst presidential campaign ever. And there’s no reason to think that she’d have run the country any better.

6 thoughts on “The Fate Trump Spared Us”

  1. That is an impressive bit of journalism. Podhoretz quoted three sentences from a book and wrapped a column’s worth of words around them.

  2. What lessons will anybody learn? None that I can see. Which will have no deterrence on verbosity.

  3. And there’s no reason to think that she’d have run the country any better.

    Yes, but she’d have 90 percent of the media in her pocket. Instead of 24/7 doom and gloom, we’d have happy times. Especially if you were a GOP congress critter. Any bad stuff that happened would be “unexpected”.

    1. Media treatment is one reason I have no regrets about casting my vote in favor of Trump. The Heldabeast commits high crimes in office, the major media goes into coverup mode. Trump crosses the line we can count on it being reported … But with the reckless attacks the major media has been engaged in nonstop since he was elected, how many of us would believe the reports?

  4. I’m trying to imagine her running for re-election, but I can’t get past trying to imagine her getting elected in the first place.

  5. It’s incwedible how those wascily Wussians were able to make Hiwwary’s campaign do such stupid things!

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